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Built-in Battery 1-6 KVA

The Arrow OLHF BIB 1 – 6 kVA is a True Online UPS with Double Conversion Technology. It is designed to deliver unmatched performance based on its proprietary microprocessor-based control algorithm. It provides constant output free from electrical noise and ensures highest reliability of connected equipment over a wide input supply range. It is best suitable for Residential and Home-Office applications, ATMs, Banking and other Business Critical applications.



    • Wide input voltage (110 V - 300 V)
    • Converter mode available
    • ECO mode for energy saving (1-3KVA)
    • Generator compatible
    • Smart SNMP, USB/RS-232 Connectivity (Optional)
    • Comprehensive display of UPS Parameters
    • Ease of monitoring and access of UPS status
    • Input power factor correction
    • Optional isolation transformer available
    • Emergency power off (EPO) function (Optional)
    • Customized Specifications Available (On request)
Rating 1 -6 KVS
Technology True Online UPS with Double Conversion Technique
Design IGBT-PWM based Rectifier and Inverter Operation
Input Voltage Range 160 -290 V
Input Power Factor = 0.99
Output Voltage 208/220/230/240 V ± 1%
Output Frequency 47-53 Hz (Synchronized), 50 ± 0.1 Hz (Battery Mode)
Output Wave Form Pure Sinewave
AC – AC Efficiency Upto 94%
Battery Charging 1A/2A
Major Protections High/Low Cut-off, Overload, Battery Deep Discharge
Typical Usage for
  • Residential SOHO
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial